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The Valentine's Day Cheat Sheet For Singles

Valentine's day is almost here and by now, we’re sure you’ve seen the red hearts and the all-things-love marketing messages everywhere you look. Who said that singles should not celebrate Valentine’s day? If the single life chose you, fret not as there’s a lot that you can do to appreciate yourself on this day that honors love.  

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6 Things To Do With Dad This Father's Day Weekend

Father’s day, though a relatively modern holiday,  is celebrated on the third Sunday of June and is a day that honours all fathers and father-figures in our lives. More often than not, we tend to downplay the contribution that fathers make. This year, do things a little differently and celebrate the deserving men in your life with these simple but great activities that will help you make them feel more appreciated.

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The Valentine's Dos & Don'ts Handy Guide

The month of love is fast approaching and so is the beloved/dreaded day! Depends on which side of the fence you are standing. Gentlemen, you might want to pull your seats closer because we are giving you a heads-up on what you should do, and what to steer clear of on this dear St. Valentine’s Day. PS: Don't quote us on these tips; after all, matters of the heart are way off our speciality. J

  • DO make an effort. Surprise her with a getaway to a location that she’s never been to or she can’t frequent every weekend. Keep it exciting. Go the extra mile; after all, it is only one day.

  • DON'T resort to a franchise restaurant or a fast food restaurant. It makes you come off as lazy, unimaginative and dare we say nonchalant. Unlike watermelon, olives and hǔ biān (look it up); deep fried food is not an aphrodisiac.  Yes, you can thank us later!

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