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The Valentine's Day Cheat Sheet For Singles

Valentine's day is almost here and by now, we’re sure you’ve seen the red hearts and the all-things-love marketing messages everywhere you look. Who said that singles should not celebrate Valentine’s day? If the single life chose you, fret not as there’s a lot that you can do to appreciate yourself on this day that honors love.  

Treat yourself You’d be amazed at how something as simple as a beauty treatment can feel so rewarding and uplifting. Even better is the fact that there are treatments for both men and women so one can enjoy without being taken on a guilt trip. Go for a new hairdo, a haircut, a pedicure or manicure and see how amped you’ll be for the rest of the day.  If you’d like to splurge a little, get yourself a new pair of shoes and a bottle of fine wine, or whisky if you may, and savour it as you enjoy the day. 
Go on holiday Whereas you might not go all out, spending a little time in a new environment might be all the self-appreciation you need. Going out of town is always a great idea to unwind. A quick drive to Ranch House Bistro, or better yet a night’s stay at the Lemon Valley Country Farm would definitely do you good. Soak up a bit of the countryside charm at the Lemon Valley Farm, a chic escape fashioned out of the hills overlooking Lake Elementaita.
Enjoy the outdoors Love the outdoors? Spend the day cycling through the trails or just walking or picnicking in the massive Karura forest. You can hire a sturdy multi-speed bike for KSh. 500 for two hours and you can also grab a meal at The River Cafe which is situated at the heart of the forest. Not only is this a great pass time activity, but you’ll also get some of those feel-good hormones flowing and shed some calories while at it. If off-road cars are your thing, then we've got the perfect plan for you. The Offroad Kenya Challenge is happening at the Lukenya Hills on Saturday 16th February and you can get your tickets here.
Go for a movie Spend a few hours by yourself, drown out the noise around you, and immerse yourself in another world. Walk alongside fictional characters and allow yourself to learn new perspectives on life. The Two Hours of Sunset team currently have something going on. Join them on February 16th for the outdoor premiere of the Kenyan romantic comedy Disconnect. Tickets are going for KSh. 1000/- and you can get them here: Two Hours of Sunset - Wine and Flower Edition tickets
Scrumptious meal for two please We have said this before and we’ll say it again: we really believe in the magic of good food. We have a number of listings that have something cooking for valentines. Tag a friend along and get to enjoy these amazing deals because at the end of the day Valentine's isn't only about the romantic kind of love.
Find your zen What’s your place of zen? Is it Netflix and chill? Is it watching a bit of Trevor Noah with a can of Pringles at hand? Is it soaking in a tub with Epsom salts and clary sage essential oil? Whatever it is, find it and indulge yourself. At this point, allow us to give you the plug. The good folks at Because You Said So are hosting the 28th edition of their BYSS Kenya improv comedy show. We still have a few tickets left and we can guarantee that this is such a plan, especially if you are single because after all, how else will he/she find you? 

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