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Travelling With Kids? Here's Your Go-To Guide


Lunchtime banter at the office usually takes many twists and turns. Just the other day, we were caught up in the ‘holidaying with the kids’ discussion. “Hey Ray, would you travel with your kids?” “Heck no! I’d rather leave the kids with my parents than have to deal with all of that.” 
Is there really ever a “holiday with the kids?” The holiday paradox. All is not lost. You can definitely have a vacay with the little ones and save the gramps a weekend of baby minding burnout. So, if you are indeed planning to travel with the tots, we've listed 10 tips to guide and jump-start you on this adventure. 


5 Fun Things To Do While in Diani, Mombasa


Should you get an opportunity to escape the drab Nairobi weather, then we highly recommend you make a visit to any of these properties in Diani. Diani Beach is located 30 kilometers South of Mombasa and is one of Africa's leading beach destinations. 

What Kind of Traveller Are You?


The rains seem to have put a damper on our Tembea Kenya plans. This has got us to some thinking. What does the term "vacation" mean to you? Here’s our not-so-serious take on a few kinds of vacationers. Which term best describes your traveling style?

Get the Most out of Your Tembea Kenya Goals in 2018 - Part II


January just ended and the year is off to a good start. How far are you with those resolutions? Is January just a free trial month and your actual efforts won’t be exerted till February? Either way, here’s more fuel for your travel planning. We’re back with part 2 of tips on Tembea Kenya travel planning in 2018.

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Get the Most out of Your Tembea Kenya Goals in 2018


We all made those pesky new year’s resolutions, didn’t we? You can barely get a vacant treadmill in the gym, your kindle has finally seen the light of day after 10 months, and you’ve actively started looking for courses online. Top on your list must be the always elusive travel. You want to travel more but logistics constantly seem to rain on your parade. If you’ve decided that 2018 is the year that you’ll tembea Kenya a little more, then we’re here to help. Here’s a list of travel hacks that will have you packed and ready for your next adventure.

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