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Travelling With Kids? Here's Your Go-To Guide


Lunchtime banter at the office usually takes many twists and turns. Just the other day, we were caught up in the ‘holidaying with the kids’ discussion. “Hey Ray, would you travel with your kids?” “Heck no! I’d rather leave the kids with my parents than have to deal with all of that.

Is there really ever a “holiday with the kids?” The holiday paradox. All is not lost. You can definitely have a vacay with the little ones and save the gramps a weekend of baby minding burnout. So, if you are indeed planning to travel with the tots, we've listed 10 tips to guide and jump-start you on this adventure.

Traveling with Kids

  1. Research, research and research some more: Always carry out your research before traveling. Look out for baby-friendly resorts and read reviews. Is this a location that you are familiar with? Does your hotel of choice provide a cot? Do they have a kids menu? Note that some resorts don’t allow kids completely, whereas some have age restrictions. Is there a kids club? Some hotels go as far as having minders for the kids, which is always a plus for parents. Do you need certain vaccinations? Be well prepared by researching online and by talking to your travel agent.
  2. Plan beforehand: Random travel plans when you have 2 toddlers in the back seat of your car is not exactly the best idea. Book your accommodation in advance and look at some of the activities you can indulge in with your little ones before you travel. Leave some room for flexibility but basically have a semblance of a travel itinerary going on.
  3. Pack appropriately: Take note of the weather and carry appropriate clothing. If you are traveling to an area where the temperatures dip at night, ensure you have heavy and warm gear for the little ones. Sturdy but comfortable shoes are great for safari and bush holidays; crocs are ideal for a beach holiday. Don't forget to pack their swimsuits as well if the weather allows for a bit of swimming.
  4. Load up on diapers and wipes: We cannot emphasize enough the need for you to stock up on these two essential items. The last thing you'd want while on holiday is to shop around (If you are at all lucky enough to find convenience shops near you) for a pack of size 5 diapers. The wipes will not only come in handy for those diaper changes, but they are also great for cleaning their hands and wiping surfaces.

  5. Carry their toys: If you are second guessing the idea of tagging fluffy along for the trip, please stop. That stuffed toy could be the only thing between you and your tot's nap time. Ensure you have packed a couple of their favorite toys to help them stay engaged throughout the holiday.
  6. Don’t forget the meds: It's always good practice to carry a small first aid kit with essentials that would help in case of an emergency. A thermometer would be good to have especially when traveling with infants. Don't forget to carry some Calpol. This can save you a lot of stressful nights during your holiday. It's great for relieving pain as well as reducing fevers.
  7. Pack some snacks: Who wants to start off the vacation with some hungry toddlers melting down at every possible moment?Pack up a few healthy snacks for your little ones. If I were you, I'd skip the super sweet stuff. Well, not unless you have the energy to deal with youngsters on a sugar high.

  8. Keep them entertained: Pull out the notebooks, crayons, colored pens... the whole shebang! You will need to keep these little fellows occupied. I always advocate for creativity but every once in a while, the Tube really comes to the rescue. Load your phone with songs, cartoons, and games that will keep them busy. Youtube's filter will help you narrow down to long videos and even the types of videos you'd like. Even better, you can save them under your downloads and get to watch them even when you don't have WiFi access.
  9. Try and be ahead of time: As hard as this might be especially when shuffling around with toddlers, it will save you lots of panic attacks. Avoid the rush, start your trip ahead of time. If traveling by air, get to the airport in good time. Basically, ensure you do all activities around your travel in good time.
  10. Be in the moment; enjoy it all! As I like to say it, you cannot pour from an empty cup. Remember that you are also on holiday. Take it easy and take it a day at a time. If comfortable with the minders, then leave the kids for a minute and just breathe.

We believe that you can make memories even with your little ones. If you don't have any idea on where to start, our travel team will gladly hold your hand.

Think we've left an important tip out? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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