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5 Fun Things To Do While in Diani, Mombasa


Should you get an opportunity to escape the drab Nairobi weather, then we highly recommend you make a visit to any of these properties in Diani. Diani Beach is located 30 kilometers South of Mombasa and is one of Africa's leading beach destinations. 


Make your holiday all the more exciting with our list of fun activities that you should try out when you get to this beautiful island.
  1. Try your hand at jet skiing - Whether you are a thrill seeker or you are one who’s a little more cautious, this is one activity that we highly recommend. Take a walk on the beach and spot the local guide who charges a rather affordable rate (Kshs. 1500/-) for a lap. Beginners need not worry as the guide will ride along with you. He’ll also do a short video to help you keep the memories at an additional KSh. 200.
  2. Enjoy some cold cocktails or mocktails by the beach - Diani is a pristine beach and the azure waters look like something out of a book. Simply magical! Order a tall glass of your favorite poison and savor it as the warm ocean breeze and the sound of the crashing waves take you to a world of complete zen.

  3. Explore Robinson Island on a glass boat excursion -  The glass boat excursion guides are located just along the beach. When the tide is low, the ocean level is low and it exposes the island and when the tide is high, the sandbar becomes totally submerged.

    Venture out to Robinson Island and connect with mother nature. Scrunch the pearlescent white sand in your feet. Enjoy a cold one as you sunbathe or while you get a henna tattoo done. It's worth your while!

  4. Snorkel at Robinson Island - You'll encounter lots of marine life while on the glass boat excursion. Take the experience a notch higher and enjoy the surreal world below by indulging in a bit of snorkeling. Get your flippers and your goggles on and explore the rich marine life in Diani's coral reefs.

  5. Visit Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant - Hotel food can become a little exhausting. What better way to switch things up than by visiting this unique restaurant that was brought into life 30years ago by George Barbour and his wife. The cave, which is thought to be between 120,000 and 180,000 years old has been transformed to a magical restaurant that specializes in fine dining. Make sure to call them beforehand to book a table to secure your spot.

Got something you'd like to add? We, (and of course, our lovely other readers) would love to hear it. Let us know in the comment section below.

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