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How to Plan an Unforgettable Holiday


Holidays are usually a great time for people to get away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. However, for some people, the thought of going away on holiday can be stressful due to the planning that comes with it. It's not all rocket science. Here are a couple of things that you can do as you prepare for your next adventure.

  1. Plan early
    We know it's African 'unspoken' fashion to do things the very last minute but we highly discourage that. Start planning a couple of months prior to your travel date. What kind of holiday are you looking at? Are you planning to splurge a little, or are you on a budget? Who's your travel troupe? What are some of the activities you'd like to do? For example, if you'd like to sky dive in Diani, then you need to make arrangements early enough.
  2. Conduct research
    Begin with researching the places to visit, the best seasons to travel, and the kind of accommodation available. The beauty of the internet is the fact that you have a lot to choose from, and that you'll get a general feel of the property beforehand. Read through the reviews as well.  Websites such as Tripadvisor enable you to read reviews and have a look at candid traveller images and this can help influence your decision on whether to visit a place or not.
  3. Create a budget
    After you've decided on the place you want to go, you need to develop a budget. This should include transport costs, transfers from the terminals, accommodation, as well as a rough estimate of the activities that you'd like to do. Having a budget is important because it helps you manage your expenses better and avoid situations where you've run out of cash. While on this, inquire about the various payment methods used in those places beforehand. Some facilities are particular with their payment modes e.g. Kenya Wildlife Service parks only accept card and mobile money payments only.

  4. Work with a travel agent
    Finding a reputable travel agent will help in piecing the travel plan for you. The beauty of engaging an agent is that they take the planning headache away and work within your budget to ensure that you have the best experience without stretching your limits. Planning to go on holiday? Our team of experienced travel consultants are at hand to assist. 
  5. Wing it
    Sometimes, even when we have the entire plan figured out to a T, unexpected things come in the way. Allow for some flexibility in your plans and go with the flow. After all, you're on holiday to relax and enjoy yourself.
With proper planning, holidays are an excellent opportunity to not only unwind but to create lifetime memories whether alone or with those you love. We're here to get you there!

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