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What Kind of Traveller Are You?


The rains seem to have put a damper on our Tembea Kenya plans. This has got us to some thinking. What does the term "vacation" mean to you? Here’s our not-so-serious take on a few kinds of vacationers. Which term best describes your traveling style?

  • The Glamper 
This vacationer enjoys the intricacies of camping but only with the assurance of running water, a private bathroom, a four-poster bed and 5 star cuisines. Chances are; they flew to the Mara, they packed 5 different types of sunscreens and four different types of bug sprays, and gets nervous when the safari van moves too close to the lions.
  • The Backpacker
This vacationer will camp in the middle of nowhere and eat their canned beef in peace. They will most likely take the cheapest bus and will definitely laugh at you when you ask where the toilet is once you get to the campsite. They probably have a bandana around their neck and is friends with all the locals he/ she just met. 
  • The Thrill-Seeker

Living life on the edge is their daily mantra. This vacationer loved bungee jumping in Sagana and will most likely bribe the tour guide to get as close as possible to the cheetahs (Do not try this at home). This kind of traveller sleeps with his/her tent open in the park, has framed their Mt. Kenya climbing certificate, and insists that lions don’t eat people. They also can’t stop telling that story about how they got a fracture while paragliding and is probably getting ready for their Skydive Diani trip soon.

  • The Shopaholic 
This person will travel solely for the purpose of shopping. If you investigate further, they have accumulated tonnes of miles from Etihad, Qatar, and Emirates. Dubai, Paris, Turkey, and London are backyards and yeah, they probably don’t like what you’re wearing.
  • The Family Traveller
This traveler is really committed to having a good time despite the odds. So, they spend one hour before take-off bribing the kids with Ribena and the first thing they ask for after check-in is a high chair. They are often splashing around the baby pool with adorable children and floaters. Their faces are also more often than not welling with pride on seeing their children swim for the first time.
  • The “Cheers Baba“ Traveller
This wanderer usually travels via Subaru and will ask for Jameson at a Samburu local. They'll also probably missed the early morning game drive because they slept at 5 am. This traveler can drive to Naivasha with their eyes closed, we kid you not. And no, don’t try that at home or anywhere else for that matter.

Any other kind you think we missed out? We'd be happy to hear your thoughts down below!

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