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8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge


Sarova Salt Lick, dare we say, is an experience and not just a lodge? Nothing but excellent reviews from every single person who has booked the JazaGari travel package on Ticketsasa. What is it about Salt Lick? Why does it draw so many people in? Is it the food, the views, or the abundance of animals? After having had time to sample this beautiful lodge down at Tsavo, here are our top 8 reasons why Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge has to be your next travel destination.

  1. The panoramic view
    Sarova Salt Lick is a treetop hotel. It has excellent views of the wildlife, the sunrise, sunsets and the vast Taita Hills Sanctuary. The entire lodge is elevated so you are right above all the action.
  2. The rooms
    Famed for being among the World's Most Photographed lodges, Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge has 96 rooms guaranteed to give you a lavish experience during your stay here. The rooms are all en-suite with awe-inspiring views of the wild wild west. The soft, fine linen huge beds are the perfect description of comfort.
  3. The food
    It's one thing having a buffet with lots of food and another leaving people spoilt for choice because every single item is delicious. Savour the exceptional flavours as you watch the animals saunter past the restaurant.
  4. The watering hole
    Not only are the meals delicious and the bar well stocked, there’s also an idyllic view of the landscape and the watering hole. You can see the animals feeding below as you enjoy your dinner or unwind with a refreshing beverage.

  5.  A different game viewing experience
    The game drives don’t end after you step out of the van. Instead of venturing out to meet the animals, the animals come right to your door... eerrr footstep. Elephants congregate at the watering hole below the lodge in plain view. So if getting up for game drives early in the morning isn’t your thing, don’t fret since the animals will come right to you during the day.
  6. Pay for one lodge, experience two
    Lunch is usually served at Sarova Taita Hills Game Lodge which is approximately 7.5 km away from Salt Lick Game Lodge. Those who travel to Salt Lick are granted the opportunity to use Sarova Taita Hill’s amenities such as their swimming pool absolutely free. This means that you actually get the best of both worlds just by booking your stay at Salt Lick.
  7. Abundance of animals
    Taita Hills Sanctuary is home to the African leopard, Masai lion, Tanzanian cheetah, Masai giraffe, zebra, hartebeest, impala, waterbuck, Thomson's gazelle and dik-dik. That’s a lot of animals, everywhere! If wildlife is your primary motivation, then Salt Lick is just what we, the safari maestros, have ordered. 
  8. The price
    This is a phenomenal destination that’s much cheaper than other similar game lodges. Despite the experience being luxurious, the management has kept the price affordable and competitive. If you’re on a budget but looking for world-class treatment then Salt Lick is the destination for you. Keep in mind that the lodge is quite a distance away from Nairobi and arranging for transport should be your primary concern. Travel packages that include transport are a better bargain. 

Tell you what, we’ve got a 2 night package deal to Sarova Saltlick over Mashujaa Day weekend. For KSh 24, 800/- you get to enjoy accommodation for 2 nights in a standard room, meals on full board basis, transport to and from the game lodge, unlimited game drives, and the services of a well-trained tour guide.

Sounds like a steal doesn’t it? Drop us an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 254705804226 to ensure you’re not left out. Our bags are packed and we’re ready to go. Hope yours will be to!

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