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Top 7 Items You Must Pack While on a Safari in Kenya


So you're all packed up for your Safari getaway but you still can't shake the feeling that you've forgotten something? Fret not! We've got a check list of essentials that'll have you equipped for your trip.


  1. Comfortable clothes and shoes
    We know you've worked hard for that beach body but the elements in the savannah are anything but friendly. You'll be dealing with extreme cold during early morning and late evening game drives.Moreover, the Savannah sun won't go easy on you during the day. Carry appropriate clothing for the extremes such as long sleeves for the cold, and cotton shirts for the heat. Stick to earth tone colors and avoid camouflage clothing. Don't forget to pack your swim suit too as most of the lodges have pools. A kikoy, sunglasses, and  wide brimmed hats will also come in handy.
  2. Sunscreen
    We hope you're not planning to hibernate in your hotel room the entire time. Venturing outside means you need to prevent the burn rather than fix it later with aloe vera. Slather on some sunscreen before you explore. If you plan to make use of the pop-up sun roof during the game drives, carry it with you and apply some more during the day.
  3. Mosquito repellant
    Sitting by the bonfire and re-capping the day's events is the perfect way to spend an evening in the bush. This pass time can, however, be dampened by predatory mosquitoes. Make sure you're swapping stories not swatting some blood thirsty mosquitoes as you enjoy some r & r by the bonfire
  4. Water bottle
    It's hot and dry during the day so stay hydrated. Carry a water bottle or two while you're out and about.
  5. Painkillers
    While there may be a first aid kit in the land cruiser or van, you never know when a Mara Moja or Panadol will come in handy. Stock up on some antihistamines as well since the savannah can get quite dusty.
  6. Personal items
    Remember, most lodges are within massive parks such as the Masai Mara National reserve so you're not bound to find a kiosk within hundreds of kilometers. It is therefore paramount that you don't forget items like lotion, a toothbrush, batteries and other toiletries. The lodge may stock the latter but you'd rather be safe than sorry when it comes to toiletries. Imagine having stinky breath for 3 entire days. Unacceptable!
  7. Gadgets
    In as much as we'd love for you to 'live in the moment', let's face it, we've become quite technology-dependent and what we want to do is 'share the moment'. Ensure you have packed your camera and charger to help you capture the moments. Carry your kindle or paperback. Reading a book as you unwind on the patio of your room is a good way to pass time. Pack a flashlight for emergencies too.  

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, how about you join us for our Jaza Gari safaris this Easter. Pay in 3 easy installments of KSh. 9999 and get packing!

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