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Planning Your Next Holiday? Know Your Travel Lingo - Part II


If you've made a holiday booking before, you have to admit that the lingo can be puzzling. Soon as the consultant gives you the rate as per person sharing, confusion sets in, especially if it is your first time to make a booking.

If you missed part one of our 'demystifying hotel lingo' series, read through it here.

So before setting out to plan your trip, here are a few more words that you ought to familiarise yourself with.

Meal plans:

  • Bed & Breakfast: This meal plan covers accommodation and breakfast only
  • Half Board: Breakfast and either lunch or dinner will be provided as part of the package.
  • Full Board: This means breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided as part of the package. This usually does not include the cost of beverages.
  • All-Inclusive: This covers all meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner - and selected drinks (soft and alcoholic beverages)
  • Soft-Inclusive: This meal plan entails full board + selected soft drinks which are served during meals. Some resorts also offer selected alcoholic drinks i.e wine and local beer served by glass during meals.



  • One way - This is transport provided from the origin to the destination only or from the destination to the origin only. It does not cater to both legs of the journey.
  • Return - This is transport that takes you to and from your destination
  • Economy  - This is the low/regular priced class of travel especially on an airplane.
  • Business /First Class - This is a premium luxury compartment on the bus or plane that allows the passenger maximum comfort with superior accommodation, food and entertainment amenities provided. 

There is so much more in the travel sphere but with this, you should be able to book that first trip confidently.


What are some other terminologies that you've heard of before and are not so sure what they mean? Drop them in the comments section, let's learn! 

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