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Planning Your Next Holiday? Know Your Travel Lingo - Part I


The holiday season is almost here and for any newbie traveler, navigating all the jargon and lingo that comes with planning your trip can be confusing. “ What does per person sharing mean? And why do I need to pay a supplement if I want to stay over Christmas or travel solo? What does return flight mean?”

Well, today, we are demystifying it all. Here’s your very own personal guide to hotel terminology as you enjoy your travel across Kenya.



When exploring your accommodation options, you’ll see a few common phrases used to define the price and package you’ll be paying for. These include:

  • Per Person Sharing - This is the price quoted for a person sharing a room with another person.
  • Per Person Single/ Single Room Occupancy - This means that the price quoted is for one person in a  room. 
  • Pax - Number of people or passengers in a travel party


This is an amount charged on top of the quoted price due to an event or package selected:

  • Single Supplement -  An extra charge applied to a traveler who travels alone but will use a room and facilities that cater for two.
  • Peak Season/Festive Season Supplement - This is an extra charge based on the season or time of the year. In Kenya, this is usually over Easter, during the Great Migration and over the Christmas/New Year Season. Not all hotels apply this supplement.

Bed/ Room types:

  • Single - This refers to a bed or room big enough for one average sized person.
  • Double - This refers to a bed or room big enough for two adults. 
  • Twin rooms - These are double rooms with two single beds that can be occupied by two people.

These are some of the most commonly used terminologies in the travel world. Look out for part two of this that highlights more of travel terminologies.

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