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Lake Nakuru Sopa Lodge: A gem in the Rift Valley


Perched on a hill, on the edge of the Olive Forest where the Nakuru National Park meets the little town of Njoro is Lake Nakuru Sopa Lodge. Up on that hill, guests are served a fantastic view of the lake and its luscious green surroundings. If you are looking for a pampered getaway then this is it.  

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Kenya Tourism Board Launches ‘Jaza Ndege’


Grab your sunglasses and safari boots people, you may soon be able to get in some serious vacation time for a lot less thanks to an initiative by the Kenya Tourism Board.

In an effort to bolster domestic tourism, the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) has reached out to local tourism industry players for all-inclusive holiday packages. The initiative dubbed 'Jaza Ndege' will see partnerships between domestic airlines, hotels and the government to offer subsidized rates for Kenyan tourists. The offers will be advertised on popular radio stations and posted on the KTB website with Kenyans being encouraged to participate fully and take advantage of the low season offers.

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Ol Pejeta Sweetwaters Serena Camp


If you rise at dawn, and the 13 degree temps do not deter you, head on down to the lounge area and get a cup of tea - Kericho gold, nothing else. Take your cup and find a bench, I recommend the one with a free standing ashtray near the first tent. Sit down, take a deep breath and witness the magic of a Sweetwaters Serena Camp Ol Pejeta morning.

Vibrant oranges and mystic greys fill the sky as night gives in to day. Just beyond the watering hole, in the horizon, Mount Kenya rises in all her glory, her 3 distinct peaks - Batian, Nelion and Point Lenana - showing in the dawn light. It’s an awe inspiring and humbling sight.

Ol Pejeta sweetwaters

It’s very quiet at this hour, except the hub-hub of sleepy tourists trying to quickly drink something hot before they head out for the 6.30 am game drive. They all hope to spot doa-doa ya juu and doa-doa ya chini, the local description for the very elusive leopard and cheetah .

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The Masai Mara Wildebeest Migration in its full splendor!


The season is here with us again…the greatest show on earth! A captivating and dramatic movement of about half a million wildebeests from the drier lands in Tanzania to the Masai Mara. This natural phenomenon attracts thousands of local and international visitors, and has been named the seventh wonder of the world. A wonderful experience for those looking to Tembea Kenya

The wildebeests (also known as gnu) move from Serengeti-Tanzania in search of rich pastures and reach the Mara River crossing point in thousands. The wildebeest are accompanied by gazelles and zebras during this great trek.

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Going to Watamu? Spice things up on your next beach holiday!


Like it or not, it is a long-standing Kenyan tradition to go on a beach vacation and do nothing but sunbathe, splash around in the pool and maybe venture into limited culinary experiences. We’d rather stick to our comfort zones than obey the quiet little voice inside that’s nudging us toward unchartered territory. Ticketsasa, however, would like to challenge you to explore your sense of adventure. Welcome to our series of things you can do on your next beach holiday to break the monotony that is; retreating to a different town just to do the same thing you'd do back home (we see you "destination drinkers").  

About Watamu

Watamu is located between Blue Lagoon and Watamu Bay, only 105 km north of the infamous Mombasa town, and was voted the second best beach in Africa in 2012 according to this CNN article. A hidden gem that's mostly appealing to non-residents hoping to take advantage of its amiable climate, Watamu is vastly undiscovered by local tourists owing to it's quiet, serene ambiance. Little do we know, however, that Watamu is a paradise within our reach if only we took the time to explore it. Try out a number of these activities during your next visit to Watamu.

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