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The Masai Mara Wildebeest Migration in its full splendor!


The season is here with us again…the greatest show on earth! A captivating and dramatic movement of about half a million wildebeests from the drier lands in Tanzania to the Masai Mara. This natural phenomenon attracts thousands of local and international visitors, and has been named the seventh wonder of the world. A wonderful experience for those looking to Tembea Kenya

The wildebeests (also known as gnu) move from Serengeti-Tanzania in search of rich pastures and reach the Mara River crossing point in thousands. The wildebeest are accompanied by gazelles and zebras during this great trek.

The wildebeest migration is a flurry of activity. These 'migrants' tag along the big cat team (lion-the jungle king, leopard - Mr. Military camouflage, cheetah - race track ruler, serval…just to name a few) that get attracted to this “rhythm of a feast” as they prey on the migrants. The silver-backed jackal, African wild dog, the sly fox, and of course the maniacal spotted hyena “true garbage-man of the savannah” can be spotted lurking in the shadows, waiting for their meaty fill, as the soaring vulture eagerly waits for the remains only to clean up after the party.


The lurking predators are not the only challenge during this migration. Not only do the wildebeests have to deal with the swirling currents in the Mara river, but they also have to navigate through the crocodile infested waters. Only the strong make through to the other side!

The herbivores usually follow closely behind because in this migration, they are assured of good pasture-sourcing. The meek white rhino finds its footing in the plains. All this is within a backdrop of fresh air seasoned with lullabies from birds that call Masai Mara home – the ostrich, cormorant, plover, eagle, vulture, superb starling and so many others.

The beauty of the Mara is that it is a year-round safari destination. Experience all this drama within the gently rolling savannah landscape amid endless undisturbed African skies. Ready to experience the Mara like never before? Make it happen with Ticketsasa!

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