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Off the Beaten Beach


Whether solo backpacking or group travelling with friends or your family, you will definitely see Mombasa in a new light. Even though Mombasa Raha is synonymous to sea, sun, and sand, here are some places to visit away from Pirates Beach. Be sure to catch a Fly540 flight to maximize on your time to fully experience these sites.

Culinary Experience

Authentic flavours are hard to come by. Particularly if you stay at a popular hotel where buffet meals tend to be bland. If you are looking for a fine dining experience in Mombasa without having to break the piggy bank, here are some options:

  • Mama City near city mall is definitely the place to eat for those with their feet on the ground. Above the friendly kibandasky rates, this textbook hip place with an industrial vibe in central Mombasa does several things few other local establishments do; such as the generous servings of pilau and viazi karai. 

  • Tarboosh is a very welcome addition to the Old Town dining scene. The menu is a crowd-pleasing, extensive list of Swahili and Indian dishes such as lamb biryani. Be sure to call to place your order or arrive slightly before dinner time. Nonetheless, you can still strip the juicy beef mishkaki off the skewers

  • Char-Choma has an appealing terrace overlooking the ocean. If youre tired of the spicy, Swahili dishes, and are craving Nairobi food, this is the place to eat your fill of ugali and nyama choma.


Mombasa Old Town

This is a UNESCO Heritage Site covering an area of approximately 72 hectares. The varied communities consisting of Africans, Arabs, Asians, and Europeans have co-existed for hundreds of years. As such, there is a visible collection of historical buildings dating from the 18th century whose architectural designs are influenced by this diversity.

  1. Mandhry Mosque in the Old Town is the city's oldest building. Though not open to visitors, you can admire the mosque from the exterior. Youll notice an excellent example of Swahili architecture. The distinct feature is the combination of the elegant Arabic style with the geometric patterns of African designs.
  2. Yusufi Antiques & Gallery just next to the Mosque is the place to buy all your souvenirs. They harbour a good selection of collectors' items such as Central and West African masks and carvings as well as numerous Kenyan small carvings of animals. Mombasa Marine Park for windsurfing, water skiing and deep-sea diving  Mombasa Go Kart Mamba Village Water Park Haller Park...among others

Family Activities

Mashujaa bank holiday is nigh and its about family vacation away from the house. These places are not only affordable but laden with kids activities.

  • Mombasa Marine Park for windsurfing, water skiing and deep-sea diving
  • Mombasa Go Kart
  • Mamba Village
  • Water Park
  • Haller Park...among others

Happy vacationing!

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