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You Can Now Book Your Flights On Ticketsasa

We are excited to let you know that you can now book both domestic and international flights on Ticketsasa and pay via mobile money, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. which has been primarily known for listing events now includes hotels, holidays, and flights to different destinations making it your one-stop shop for all things lifestyle. 
Ticketsasa is making it easier for customers to access more services from one delivery point. Ticketsasa travel provides you the easiest way to find cheap and low-cost flights around popular cities in Africa and beyond at the click of a button. Why book flights on Ticketsasa you ask?
Quick and simple: We give our clients the fastest way to choose their destination, dates, timings and method of payment. The final flight itinerary always ends up just perfectly custom made for you.
Affordable rates: We continually source for flight rates that are exceptional and competitive. We also run special discounts on the website and only way you can get aboard this special train is if you join our discounts mailing list.
Diverse payment methods: Once you search your preferred flights on Ticketsasa, you can book and pay via the payment modes supported on the booking tool. These include but are not limited to:  Mpesa, Airtel Money, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Say bye-bye bank trips and hello digitized payment.
Variety in inventory:  We have partnered with a global distributions system that allows us  to display a wide selection of airline inventory. This gives you the flexibility to choose the airline you prefer and the timings that work best for you.
Up to date data: In a bid to migrate into the digital age, we provide you with information and data that is current and live. We never forget that you expect personalization as part of your experience. Our highly trained travel support team are also at hand to step in whenever you need assistance. 
Got questions? You can reach us on +254-705-804-226 / +254-721-876-190

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