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Tusker Oktoberfest: A Sizzling 3-Day Extravaganza at Ngong Racecourse


Lights, camera, action! The long-awaited extravaganza of the year finally happened. The 2024 Tusker Oktoberfest 3-day party went down at the Ngong racecourse from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th   October. What better way to dive into the weekend that to experience the festivals charms. 

The theme of the festival was meant to celebrate our African culture from our beer, music, food, art, to our dance. To celebrate the music, dozens of performing stages were set up across the venue, each featuring a different genre of music. From the main stage, where popular artists like Diamond Platinumz and Nyashinski performed, to the smaller stages showcasing local talent, there was something for everyone. Music runs the world; the sing along could be heard from afar as they filled up the Racecourse grounds.  

Still on celebrating our culture, the food vending spots were another highlight of the festival. Vendors from all over Nairobi lined up along a beautifully lit vending street. For food lovers, there was everything from traditional Kenyan delicacies to international cuisine. There was also a dedicated stage for live music, so festivalgoers could enjoy their food while still being part of the action. 

If you are a frequent event enthusiast, then you will agree that the night always brings out the best in any event. For the Tusker Oktoberfest, that was not different. The night lights were truly breath-taking. The trees and streets were lit up with colourful LED lights, creating a magical atmosphere fit for partying. 

Celebrating our beer? why not. Chill spots for different beer brands were available for revellers to chill and enjoy the good vibes. With music and performances that were literally to die for. To make it even more fun, there were gaming areas where guys could play as they chilled. For the football lovers, it was match day on Sunday. Huge screen displays of the Manchester derby as they call it were displayed for revellers to catch up on the highlights before the game and also to watch the actual game. The fest presented an awesome way to enjoy the clash between the great football teams of the Premier league. There was a mini football pitch for guys to show their skills as they waited for the game, fancy, right? 

Dance, dance, dance! Did you get a chance to show your dance moves on the rainbow LED dance stage at the Oktoberfest? The dance challenges and the best music mixes fuelled up the charms of the event and it was also a great place to let loose and have some fun while at it. 

We are slowly discovering the greatness of our culture. Festivals help in bringing us together. We look forward to more and more amazing events from Tusker.  

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