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6 Effective Event Marketing Tips For Your Next Event

Everyone who’s managed an event can tell you for free that events are a game of numbers. Not only do you need the right crowd in there, but you also need them to fill out your venue. 
Selling out a show is always a great thing and especially if you can do it before the event date. This creates a feeling of euphoria because your vendors are happy, your sponsors happier, those attending won't suffer from the fear-of-missing-out phenomenon and those looking inside from the outside wish they’d bought their tickets earlier.
We've come up with a few tips that can help you market your event successfully. Let's dive in:
  1. Leverage on your teams and partners. Ensure the artists/speakers are talking about the event and sharing the particulars. Engage the service providers so that they can join in the conversation. Use their social media handles and tag the relevant parties. Remember, each team member/partner has his/her own community of followers and your target audience could be among them.

  2. Social media marketing is your friend. Use your social media networks to get word out. If you do not have a Facebook page for your brand, consider creating one. Alternatively, you can create an event and push out all information through this page. Subtle use of your personal Instastories, Whatsapp stories, Twitter, etcetera can also help market your event. Ensure that your content is engaging and avoid being spammy. Tools such as Mailchimp are handy when sending out emails to your target audiences. Consider using a hashtag where all information regarding the event can be tagged before, during and after the event. 

  3. Capture the right and necessary content. What’s on your event  poster? We always believe that less is more so long as you have included the most important details. Strike a balance as too much information on the poster could be overwhelming whereas too little could be your undoing. Does your listing have the event description? Every time you list an event, think of the person who has never been to your event. This description should be able to paint a vivid picture, and if possible, nudge them to take the next action, which is seek more information or make a purchase.

  4. Incorporate Pay Per Click marketing. Run a few paid ADs on your social pages to increase your reach. Facebook has made it easier to run and manage your ADs. If you are new to this, here's a simple tutorial to get you started. You can also set up ADs on Twitter, Instagram and Google.

  5. Give away a few freebies to get the buzz going. Set aside a few giveaways to help create buzz about your event. Running competitions on your pages can help get more people participating and ultimately knowing about your event. Avoid running very complex challenges and also take notes of the outlined guidelines on each platform when doing this.

  6. Build the hype. Believe the hype. Create teasers and make the content shareable. Trailer videos are a good place to start. Share snippets of the event preparations, create a countdown to the event, and consider working with influencers to build on this pre-event hype. Where possible, hold a press conference or an event launch and get as many people as possible talking about your event. 

It goes without saying that easy ticket purchase is also one of the key elements that can help elevate your event success. Always work with a ticketing partner that goes where your audience is. Ticketsasa has partnered with Pesapal to create a mobile app that lists events and enables purchases at no extra cost to the customer. Find out all there is to know about Pesapal Mobile today.

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