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Going to Watamu? Spice things up on your next beach holiday II

As promised, we did some research on some of the activities that you can do while in Watamu. If you missed the first edition of our two-part series, read up on it here. Now that we're on the same page, lets discuss additional things that you can do while in Watamu.


Watamu National Marne Park is populated by anglefish,butterfly fish,grouper,guitar fish,lion fishing parrot fish.The reefs also provide a home for crabs, eels, octopus, sponges and squids. Although these waters have few  if any dangerous species,you should still watch out for barracuda, jellyfish and in some areas, reef sharks. (Thank goodness Piranhas are not on the list! Nothing puts a damper on the holiday spirit quite like a severed limb).

Snorkelling is fundamentally swimming with your head under water and feet above it. Snorkelling conditions are ideal at low tide and especially optimal during the spring time. Equipment includes a breathing apparatus (an L shaped tube that permits you to breathe air from above the water’s surface) and sometimes fins. Fins are discouraged because they cause a bit of damage to the coral, so kindly exercise caution as you swim lest you be the reason Nemo is never found!

Visit to Mida Creek

Mida creek is an amazing lagoon or tidal creek that hosts mangroves, a variety of bird, crab and turtle species. A bird somewhere in Europe woke up in the morning, looked his nagging wife in the eye and said, "I’m done with you Mildred, going to Africa to find some younger exotic broad who won’t suck the life out of me.” On a more serious note, Mida mangroves host a legion of migratory birds such as the Sanderling, Curlew Sandpiper, Little Stint, Whimbrel, Grey Plover and the Greater and Lesser Sand plover.The open areas of the creek and its mangrove channels are important feeding and breeding grounds for species of fish including Jacks, snappers,groupers, rabbit fish, parrotfish, emperors and barracuda. In addition to nature tours, you could also walk on the 260 m suspended boardwalk; ride on a motorboat through the mangroves or visit the community snake park.

Bio Ken Snake Farm

Mention snakes and we take to our heels in flight! Trepidation and snakes go hand in hand in our culture yet according to bio-ken out of the 127 species we have dwelling on our soil, only 18 have caused fatalities; merely 6 are known to be potentially lethal and a meagre 10 can cause a substantial amount of pain. This leaves 93 poor, harmless, defenceless, stigmatised species who are at the mercy of belligerent human hosts. Spare a thought for a snake today! Aside from snakes, Bio-ken carry out extensive research on other reptiles, molluscs and crustaceans alike. They also have an anti-venom research centre that provides guidance on how to deal with snake bites e.g. first aid, carrying the dead snake, finding out what the snake looked like/ its behaviour while attacking, what time of day you were bitten etc. Now you know where you can get up close and comfortable with a boa constrictor next time you’re in Watamu! 

Turtle Watch 

The Watamu Turtle watch is manages by Local Ocean Trust (LOT) whose goal is to facilitate marine conservation on the Kenyan Coast. 5 out of the 7 turtle species found in our waters are endangered. LOT have made it their objective to ensure that these species are protected.Their projects include nest monitoring and protection, catch net release and specialist rehabilitation centres for sick and injured sea turtles.The facility has 8 holding tanks for the latter purpose.Visit LOT and be a part of this life changing experience. Cliché as it sounds, conservation starts with me and you. Join the team as they educate the local community, conduct data collection around Mida Creek and protect the nests laid out by female turtles. Holidays can be selfish but your next one doesn't have to be! Give back by participating at the Watamu Turtle Watch.


via enchanted landscapes

Don’t be a beached whale, a couch potato, a pool enthusiast, a nay sayer or a Negative Nancy on your next Watamu Holiday. Don’t think certain aspects of fun and adventure are meant only for tourists who sat 18 hour flights to get here. Stop being afraid of the ocean that’s probably 10 times more harmless that your walk home from work. Step out of your comfort zone. You’ll be pensive at first but once you get the hang of whatever it is you’re doing, your trip will be absolutely worth the effort. Let’s stop being Kenyans whose idea of a holiday is simply drinking in a different location. Embrace your inner wild thing and remember, pics or it never happened.

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