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How it went down at the Gordons Funfair Un-coupled Experience

Weekends are made for unforgettable experiences, and Nairobi was the place to be last weekend! The Gordon's Un-coupled event transformed the Ngong Racecourse, just like it did in Kisumu and Mombasa. Gates were open at noon and kept the fun going till late, ensuring everyone could join in, whether you were an early bird or a night owl loving the vibes of the night sky. 

First, the music was off the charts! The line-up of artists and DJs spinning tunes was mind-blowing. From DJ Grauchi, DJ Dream and DJ G-money, to amazing bands like the Jukebox Band, everyone was ready to rock the crowds. The beats were infectious, compelling you to tap your feet and move.  There was also lots of food stands cooking up some sweet meals. Juicy snacks and treats were everywhere. 

Dedicated areas for games where guys could challenge their friends to a round of Playstation or a game of pool were also available. It was an amazing chance to engage in a friendly competition.   

If you needed a breather, there were chill zones where you could unwind and hang out with your buddies. Comfy seating areas invited tired feet to relax and enjoy some downtime. It was the perfect space to recharge before plunging back into the festivities. 

Another thing that stood out at the event was the neon lights, without a doubt. They adorned every corner, illuminating the huge, tented spaces with green, yellow and red colour patterns, creating an enchanting ambiance. It felt like stepping into a glow party dance floor, you couldn't see the grass beneath your feet as the lights danced and sparkled. 

There was ample space for everyone to revel in the fun. Friends strolled hand in hand sharing jokes and laughter, and strangers bonded over shared experiences. Talk about getting ready to mingle! 

By nightfall, the energy only intensified. The lights grew brighter, the music louder, it seemed like the party would never end! Everywhere you looked, there was something new and thrilling to explore.


When it was time to leave, there was a tinge of satisfaction in the air. Gordon's Funfair was an absolute blast! But there's no doubt it will be back bigger and better, ready to create even more incredible memories.  

Stay tuned for updates on Gordon's future events. Here's to Nairobi and the incredible experiences yet to come!

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