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Major League Live: Diamond Plaza

The Diamond Plaza, a popular landmark in Nairobi, Kenya, erupted into a hub of music and revelry on the balmy Saturday evening November 25th. The venue, decked out in vibrant neon colours and a stage that seemed to stretch into the heavens, was hosting the Major League Live event, featuring the Amapiano duo Major League DJs'.

Skate city on the 12th floor was a concert zone fit for an international performance.

This was not your average event, call it an Amapiano event. Amapiano vibes have taken over Africa's entertainment scene. By blending a perfect fusion of voices, Amapiano offers a sense of freedom and a burst of energy at the same time. From 5pm guys came in their dozens. Opening acts by renowned DJs' kept the crowd entertained as they waited for the build-up for the main event. As the day faded into night, the lights dimmed, a hush fell over the crowd, the air thick with anticipation. Suddenly, the stage lights blazed back to life, and the South African twin brothers, Major League DJs', emerged from the back stage.

The duo, known for their infectious beats and energetic performances, wasted no time in captivating the audience. Their signature blend of Amapiano, Afrobeat’s, and electronic dance music echoed everywhere, instantly lighting up the dance floor. They smoothly switched between genres, weaving a captivating blend of sounds that resonated through the entire skating arena. The crowd danced, twirled, and stomped; their energy fuelled by the contagious beats.

In between sets, Skate City buzzed with activity as revellers refreshed themselves with a variety of cuisine and beverages from the kitchens. The mix of African and Kenyan flavours, each dish and drink a testament to the region's rich culinary heritage, added to the vibrant atmosphere. As the night wore on, the energy levels remained unchanged. Major League DJs' pushed the boundaries of their musical prowess, their performance a testament to their mastery of their craft.

The crowd, captivated by the brothers' energy and talent, danced the night away, their spirits soaring to the rhythm of the music. As the final notes faded into the stillness of the night, the crowd dispersed, leaving behind a trail of beats and the lingering scent of an unforgettable night. The Diamond Plaza bore witness to a night of shared joy, unifying force of dance, and the transformative power of music by world class DJs'.

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