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Nairobi's Pikika Brunch Fest: A Day of Sun, Beats, and Endless Eats!

What an incredible year it has been for the Pikika team, marked by a multitude of triumphs and promises fulfilled. Throughout the year, Pikika has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of Kenyan lifestyle, solidifying its position as a must-attend event. 

Last Saturday, on the 25th of November, we attended the Pikika Brunch Fest Christmas Edition at the Arboretum Gardens in Nairobi. By then, the venue had transformed into a festive spectacle, adorned with the classic Christmas colours of red and white. It was a sight that would undoubtedly make Santa proud.  

Forget your fancy brunch spots. Picture a sun-drenched oasis buzzing with people, DJs dropping sick beats, and food spots overflowing with goodness. From noon till late, it was a finger licking, toe-tapping explosion of fun. 

Good food creates the best moods! For those with a passion for good food, the kitchens were buzzing with the preparation of the finest meals. From HDs Super Kitchen to Beauty and the feast and more there was so much to choose from. Everyone, dressed to impress, munched on mountains of food, laughed with old friends, and made new ones. 

But this wasn't just a food coma waiting to happen. We're talking fancy chairs for tired feet, colourful rugs creating a chill vibe, and live artists painting the whole scene in vibrant strokes. The sun shone low, casting long shadows, and the music shifted gears.

Rubis Energy Kenya, a leading petroleum products marketing company in Kenya had also graced the event to announcing the launch of their new gas product. The new product is designed to meet the needs of a growing number of Kenyans who are switching to gas for their cooking and heating needs. 

Later, The DJs took over, spinning beats that kept the dance floor active. People danced like nobody was watching, lost in the shared joy of the moment. It was a beautiful mess of cultures, laughter and music, and a testament to the simple magic of sharing a meal under the open sky. 

As people left, it could be seen that bellies were full, hearts happy, and everything buzzing with the day's energy, one thing was clear: this wasn't just brunch. This was a memory to carry with them forever. So, if you're ever craving sunshine, good vibes, and plates piled high with deliciousness, keep your eyes peeled for the next big Pikika brunch fest. Trust me, it'll be a day you won't forget. 

Happy brunching, Nairobi! 

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