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Sherehe ni Sheria! Pikika Brunch Fest- Oktoberfest edition what you missed

Imagine a brunch so epic, it's worthy of its own festival. Now, imagine that festival is Oktoberfest-themed. That's the Pikika Brunch Fest- Oktoberfest Edition, and it's everything you could ever want in a brunch experience.

On Saturday, October 7th, the Clarett Picnic & BBQ Garden was transformed into a brunch lover's paradise. Guests were greeted with set-up meal spots and specialized brunch menus featuring a wide variety of food and cocktails. From gourmet burgers to exotic cuisines, there was something to satisfy everyone's taste buds. 

But the food was just the beginning. The Pikika Brunch Fest- Oktoberfest Edition also had a festive and welcoming atmosphere. The event was held outdoors, and the organizers had gone to great lengths to create a festive vibe. There were decorations everywhere, from the African print tents to the all-white with a touch of red tents. 

In addition to the delicious food and festive atmosphere, there was also a fun gaming area with a bouncing castle and mechanical bull. For those who had never tried either of these activities, this was the perfect opportunity to give them a try. 

The DJ lineup was out of this world, keeping the party going all day long with a mix of old and new music. Whether you were in the mood for a nostalgia trip or wanted to dance to the latest hits, the DJs had your back. As the day faded into the night, the well-lit venue came to life with colourful light bulbs lighting up the area. 

Looking to relax and unwind?, there were plenty of chill spots strategically placed throughout the expansive lawns where guests could enjoy food and drinks served on demand. This made it easy to take a break and refuel before diving back into the festivities. 

The Pikika Brunch Fest- Oktoberfest Edition was the perfect brunch experience. It had everything you could ever want, from delicious food and festive drinks to fun activities and great music. If you're a brunch lover, be sure to check out the next Pikika brunch fest event! Adios!

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