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Blast from the past: What you missed at Nairobi’s biggest old skool party

Sema kupiga sherehe! Nairobi's iconic hangout spot, the Carnivore, turned into a portal that took us back to the vibrant and funky 70s 80s and 90s.  It was none other than the unforgettable Nairobi’s biggest old skool party the "L-Boogie". Were you there? Real “time-travel” I tell you!

Fun fact: Did you know that the Ol’ skool style was all about putting on something fun and easy, You should have seen how everyone turned up in outfits that screamed the 70s to 90s nostalgia, with baggy jeans, neon colours, and Afro fashion. Talk about a blast from the past! 

Fridays hold a different kind of magic. The venue was packed with old skool music lovers. You needed to see to believe. When I say everyone came, I mean everyone for sure. Different people from diverse cultures came to dance their souls out. There is something music does to your soul. Anyway, there’s more. 

Grooving wasn't just about the outfits; the funky music was just to die for. Turntable legends @DJ Adrian, @DJ Babs, @DJ Maurice, and @DJ Ben blended R&B, hip-hop, pop, and funk classics into a cocktail that ignited fire on the dance floor with the best dance moves and sing-alongs. Guys were doing Electric slides and Chacha slides. Legendary dance moves. You could see a couple of people moonwalk dancing straight to the counters to order some nyama choma and roasted potatoes. Yes! There was plenty of food, finger licking and mouth-watering. Gotta pump up some energy to dance right? 

When the boogie ended, the magic lingered. It had taken us back to a time when music wasn't just a sound but a feeling. L-Boogie at the Carnivore was a time-traveling adventure, a celebration of music, and a reminder that the spirit of the old skool still lives on within us all.  

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