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Fun, Magic, and Unforgettable Moments at The Club Kiboko Festival

Picture a sunny day, kids laughing and parents cheering, that's exactly what went down at the third edition of the Club Kiboko festival, held at the stylish Ulinzi Sports Club in Langata. It was a day to remember, where kids came to learn, parents came to chill, and everyone had a whale of a time. 

The organizers had surely sprinkled some fairy dust over Ulinzi Sports Club, turning it into a land of magic and fun. Early birds got the worm, and in this case, the worm was a boatload of fun for the kids. Parents and their eager beavers flocked to the venue super early, Club Kiboko wasn't just about fun and games; it was about families coming together.  

There was a family center where parents could kick back, relax, and chat while keeping an eye on their little adventurers. It was like a cozy oasis in the middle of the action. The best part was the fact that there was something for everyone, no matter their age! Bouncing castles and trampolines soared high into the sky, tempting the little daredevils to bounce their hearts out. And for those craving a little more adventure, guess what? Horses and camels were there, just waiting for eager riders! Yep, it was the ride of a lifetime. 

Speaking of lifetime moments, the stage was where the real magic happened. Kids took center stage, wowing the audience with million-dollar performances. But we can't forget about the friendly competitions and games, from sack races, tug-of-war, and more; there was something for every little athlete. Prizes and goodies made the victories even sweeter, and the grins on the kids' faces were as bright as the sun. 

And did I mention the face painting? Kids lined up to get their faces transformed into lions, butterflies and superheroes. And here's the best part, parents joined in the fun, too! Yep, there were some awesome adults face paintings going around. 

The third edition of Club Kiboko festival was definitely a hit, and there's no doubt it'll keep being a family favorite. With its blend of education, entertainment, and quality time, Club Kiboko has over the years become a cherished tradition, eagerly awaited by both parents and their kids.  

Who knows what surprises the next edition will bring, but one thing's for sure: Club Kiboko will keep bringing smiles to families in Kenya and beyond.  




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