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The Matatu Festival
Sun 26 Apr 2020


The Matatu Festival is an annual event organised by Matwana Matatu Culture. Through the #MatatuFestival, We believe we have the power not only to bring people together, to entertain and inform, but also to educate and inspire.

 This will be the 1st edition of the Matatu Festival where we want to challenge perceptions and provide a new point of view through the following activities: Matatu Awarding & Recognition | Food and Beverage Vendors | Matatu Industry & Creatives Exhibitions | Music Artists - Stage Performances | Photo Galleries & Art Exhibitions.



Legend has it that Matatus have been in existence since the early 1950’s, The name Matatu originated from a word in the Kikuyu Language (mang'otore matatu) meaning, “three cents.” That was the standard fare for most trips. That the wagons used as Matatus at that time originally pressed into service as Matatu could be fitted with three rows of bench seats hence the famous face me seat arrangement. 


Matatus have grown and advanced to be Kenya’s main mean of transport ranging from 10, 14 & 18 seater mini-vans to 25, 29, 33, 46 seater minibuses to 51 seater Buses.In the years, The Matatu industry has also built a strong workforce which is mostly made up of the youth. This ranges from Car dealers & Agents, Body Fabricators, Interior & Exterior Lighting Technicians, Matatu Designers, Insurance providers, Matatu Investors, Music Distribution Agents, Spare part dealers, Car Visual & Audio Dealers, Matatu Sacco Officials, Upholstery Craftsmen, Mechanics, Sound Technicians, Matatu drivers, Managers and Conductors. 


Matatus form part of Kenya’s rich cultural fabric and pop culture. The artwork and graffiti displayed on Matatus are usually used as a form of communication and a way to create awareness in a wide number of topics from political issues, trends, fashion designers, public figures from local and international entertainment industries, the infamous, religious themes, African heritage, football themes and so much more. 


Matwana Matatu Culture seeks to Promote, Preserve & Showcase the Matatu industry. We Celebrate this Means of Transport through Art, Music, People & Culture. Our main focus for the past 10 years has been  to Re-brand and Build value in the Matatu Industry. 

 The Matatu Festival gives us create a platform where the Kenyan Creative Arts community (Music, Arts & Music industry) get to meet, play, debate, play, eat and drink to a one of a kind experience.

 Kindly note that the above stated Early Bird Tickets & Advance will only be on sale through this link. We the promoter (Matwana Matatu Culture) advise all attendees to get their tickets on time before the above stated deadlines.



Facebook : Facebook.com/thematatufestival

Instagram : Instagram.com/matatufestival

Twitter : Twitter.com/matatu_festival


For Further Assistance or Confirmation, Contact our information line on 0771 190 122



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