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PSG (Pro Series Gaming)

PSG (Pro Series Gaming)
Sat 07 Apr 2018
  • Runs till: Saturday, 7th April 2018
  • Time: 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM
  • Location: Prestige Plaza Nairobi, Kenya
  • Host : NRG

Mortal Kombat XL Tournament
Prize pool Ksh.1,000,000

Qualifiers ~ 24th-25th March 2018 at Prestige Palm
Grand Finale ~ 7th April 2018 at Prestige Cinema

Pro Series Gaming is a multi-game and a multi-tournament platform that aims to bring a number of different E-Sports tournaments and activities together. The main focus lies in the modern age, gaming world of E-Sports.
The platform gives fans, supporters, enthusiasts and newcomers to gaming a thrilling experience by bringing together top-gamers and teams to showcase their gaming skills as they compete in a variety of E-Sports tournaments for unimaginable prizes on dedicated stages, complete with LED screens and live commentary.


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