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Sat 04 Mar 2023

This event is divided into 3 segments:

A)International fashion Showcase  This will be a fashion show casing covering different country cultures through the outfits

B) Cultural dance performances - There will be cultural dances covering different states of India like Kashmir, Rajasthan Gujrat,Punjab, etc.

C) Singing performances - there will be singing performances showcasing the Indian music scene.
Event purpose is RBWS’s main mission and vision are to work towards the betterment of society and to promote the Indian culture, however, this time the event will be not only a showcase of the Indian culture but of many other different cultures from other countries providing a platform for what the world has evolved, through their traditional outfits. This particular event will allow India to celebrate, appreciate, and collaborate with different cultures worldwide. This event will promote the expressions of dancing, singing, and cultural wear.                                                               
This is a charity event, and all the funds will go to “Children’s Home”. This works around our vision to cater to our society.

Event timeline:
Guests are expected to be seated by 4 pm, the program opens up with the Indian and Kenyan national anthem and an inaugural dance, followed by speeches of the chairperson, guest of honor, and chief guest. The main event is expected to start at 5 pm going on till 8 pm. The final segment is where dinner will be served from 7 pm onwards.

Event Location

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