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JO & AL Online writing conference

JO & AL Online writing conference
Mon 19 Oct 2020

Unemployment has become an issue of great concern in our nation. Most people who graduate from various universities every year do not get a chance to use their knowledge to generate income for themselves. The global COVID-19 pandemic has also rendered many people jobless, including graduates. In this regard, JO&AL has come up with a solution to train graduates on ways of earning money online, especially through academic writing. This way, they will be able to earn a living from the comfort of their homes by applying what they studied. Those who have been rendered redundant because of the coronavirus will also benefit from this conference. Register for the JO&AL Academic Writing Conference, and attend any day between 19th and 23rd October 2020, to learn how to fish (generate income) online through academic writing. 

Venue: CMS Africa, Ground Floor @ SNDBX, Chania Avenue, Kilimani.

For registration and more info, email iknowledgexperts@gmail.com or call 0717422527.

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