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Mud Run And Zumba Dance

Mud Run And Zumba Dance
Sat 06 Jul 2019
  • Runs till: Sunday, 7th July 2019
  • Time: 06:00 AM - 05:00 PM
  • Host : Ticketsasa

VENUE: Kenana Farm, Njoro (Nakuru).

Welcome for a Magnificent MUD RUN, UPCOUNTRY FAIR AND ZUMBA DANCE Weekend in Nakuru.

The Event Comprises of Superb Team Obstacles – it is a FUN Event and No prior Experience is needed!

This is a Superb 2 DAYS Overland Camping Adventure as we complete Team Obstacles and enjoy mesmerising Camp Fire in the Evening.

Zumba Dance at Lake Elementaita Seasons Hotel.


Participation is in TEAMS of 4 PEOPLE - EACH TEAM.

JOIN one of our TEAMS:

  • Ndovu Team.
  • Moringa Team. 
  • Arusha Team.
  • Malawi Team.
  • Victoria Falls Team.
  • Botswana Team. 
  • Swaziland Team. 
  • Cape Town Team.
  • Tausi Team. 
  • Fisi Team etc.

After you PAY, we will have other 3 TEAM MEMBERS for you!

The MUD RUN is largely a fun event, no prior running experience with marathons is necessary.



Is the actual Mud Run too crazy for you? You can get to get a taste of the mud run on Sunday morning by running through the course. This is as fun as the actual mud run competition.



  • 6:00AM: Departure from Nairobi and head west to Nakuru as we enjoy exclusive road party in the Truck. We will have a brief stop over in Nakuru town then proceed to Njoro where the MUD RUN is being held.
  • 10:30AM: Arrival Time in Nakuru.
  • Event Registration.
  • Late Delicious Lunch.
  • MUD RUN is a Great Event!
  • Its BIG, Its FUN, Its MUDDY!!!
  • 6:30PM: Evening hot shower at our bush camp.
  • 7:30PM: Yummy Dinner.
  • 8:30PM: Camp Fire Party on Site and Quality Music.
  • Mesmerising Camp Fire Experience with a Mature Crowd! 


7TH JULY 2019 (Sunday).

  • 6:00AM: Sunrise and Bird Watching.
  • 7:00AM: Delicious Breakfast.
  • 8:00AM: Watch the gauntlet activities.
  • 10:00AM: Relaxing or Playing Games.
  • Departure for Nairobi later in the day as we take the road party to Nairobi,
  • Lake Elementaita Tour - Bird Watching.
  • Swimming – Free.
  • Zumba Dance at Lake Elementaita. 
  • LUNCH Enroute - Seasons Hotel, Kikopey or Naivasha Town (Lunch on Day 2 is Own Catering).
  • 5:00PM: Arrival in Nairobi with fond Mud Run Memories.


The MUD RUN Overland Truck Package is best for Adults 18+ 


  • Two People Per Tent.
  • Transport in a Comfy Overland Truck (with Music).
  • Camping Equipment (Tent and Mattress) (Carry your Sleeping Bags).
  • Basic Meals (Day 1: Late Lunch & Dinner) and Day 2: Breakfast).
  • Event Ticket & Ground Fee / Entry Fee.
  • Sharing Accommodation (2 People Per Tent).
  • Camp Fire Party.
  • Lake Elementaita Tour.
  • Zumba Dance at Lake Elementaita. 


  • Sleeping Bag / Blanket.
  • Fitting T-Shirt and Trousers.
  • Clothes to Change and Sneakers.
  • Good garbage bag to put your Clothes and Shoes after Event.
  • Toiletries (Towel, Soap, Tooth Brush, tooth paste, Tissue).
  • Warm clothes for the evening and Maasai Shuka.
  • Country/Cowboy/Denim theme wear for Sunday.
  • Mkeka Hat and Sunglasses.
  • Warm Jacket.
  • Water / Snacks.
  • Day Pack / Small Bag to carry your personal items.
  • Camera.
  • Tip for Guides and Chef.
  • Your Humour and Spirit of Adventure.


  • Practical
    • You want to avoid cotton and anything heavy. Don't wear big, cotton t-shirts or sweatpants. Cotton will absorb water, add weight, and slow you down.
    • Spandex is a good choice for mud runs. It's lightweight and won't hold much water. Expect your spandex to get damaged during the mud run, so don't wear anything you care about.
  • Protection
    • There are a lot of obstacles in a mud run that can cause cuts and bruises. Nylon running tights can protect your legs. Under Armour makes great, breathable sportswear that will provide full coverage, and keep you cool as well.
  • Durable
    • Mud runs are demanding. Choose durable gear that won't fall apart during the race.
    • Prepared
    • For windy days, wear a light pullover windbreaker. Don't wear a jacket with a zipper as zippers get clogged with mud. Go for a nylon fabric so mud slides off.
  • Foot Wear
    • Start with a good sock. Keep your socks low. Anything higher than the ankle will just be added weight. Consider splurging on a running sock; they will help prevent blisters. Definitely, don't wear cotton socks. And make sure you tuck your socks into your running tights.
    • Wear a running shoe or boot and make sure you double knot the laces. It's easy for running shoes to slip off in the mud, so tie them tight. Sneakers are great!


  • The Mud run is an upcountry farm event. The setup of the event is adventurous.
  • The Toilets and showers are basic. Showers are the canvas camping showers though we will have hot water boiled for you in the evening after the run and the next morning.
  • The set up for the Overland package is done on arrival.
  • The evening Camp Fire event will be great & usual fun with great quality music.
  • Zumba Dance at Lake Elementaita is Complementary. 


It’s BIG.......................

It’s FUN.......................................

It’s MUDDY.................................................


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