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Career Planning for Growth & Transitions

Career Planning for Growth & Transitions
Wed 21 Nov 2018
  • Runs till: Wednesday, 21st November 2018
  • Time: 05:30 PM - 07:30 PM
  • Location: 4th Floor, Grenadier Tower, Westlands Westlands, Kenya
  • Host : Shortlist

When transitioning from one field to another, we must realize we are competing for roles against individuals who may have an educational background in the desired field. Continuous learning plays a large role in gaining a competitive advantage in order to show why you may deserve the opportunity over others.                                             
During this session we will cover:

  • Conducting a self-assessment to ensure a match between your strengths and a new career path
  • How to actualize your career goals in order to progress
  • Ways to showcase the unique value you bring from another field

Event Location

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