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Miss Tourism Kenya 2018 Finals

Miss Tourism Kenya 2018 Finals
Sat 13 Oct 2018

Miss Tourism Kenya is an annual National event that seeks to personify Kenya’s Tourism strengths through pageantry with a national participation of talented young ladies exhibiting a passion for marketing Kenya both locally and internationally. The National Event is a brilliant display of a Kenyan cultural extravaganza. From the grand entry through to the final event, all participants will be exhibiting their beautiful cultures in fineries, costumes, song and dance. The Miss Tourism Kenya national finals is an event that celebrates not just the contesting delegates but also the Counties, our Partners and Sponsors, Kenya’s diverse Cultural Heritage and the proud and beautiful people of Kenya themselves. This program is borne from the belief that the time has come to stop and reflect on the positive and create reasons to appreciate what we have, inspired by the critical need to celebrate the diversity of the Kenyan heritage and use it as a platform to cultivate interest and publicity on the various sites.  

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