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AfricaHackOn 2018 : Are you ready for cyber warfare

AfricaHackOn 2018 : Are you ready for cyber warfare
Tue 26 Jun 2018

State sponsored hacks have seen an increase over the past few years with no limits as whom to target. Countries invest a multitude amount of funds in getting access to intelligence and data from other countries for various reasons. War between countries does not take place using nukes and fighter jets but just with the power of the internet. This is getting easier to perform due to the ease of access to technology and ease of use of sophisticated tools.

Cyber warfare involves units organized along nation-state boundaries, in offensive and defensive operations, using computers to attack other computers or networks through electronic means.

Hackers and other individuals trained in software programming and exploiting the intricacies of computer networks are the primary executors of these attacks. These individuals often operate under the auspices and possibly the support of nation-state actors. In the future, if not already common practice, individual cyber warfare units will execute attacks against targets in a cooperative and simultaneous manner aka APT advanced persistent threats.

Cyber Warfare is not going to end anytime soon but rather the beginning of a new wave of attacks. Countries have to take proactive readiness to protect its citizens from being a victim of state sponsored hacks on a day to day bases.

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