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Souls Musical

Souls Musical
Thu 21 Sep 2017
  • Runs till: Sunday, 24th September 2017
  • Time: 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM
  • Location: Regina Caeli Catholic Church Karen (Opposite Karen Nairobi, Kenya
  • Host : Regina Caeli

Souls is an original award-winning musical production by Veronika O’odal Mbaya and Joel Akweyu. It was first performed on World Peace Day (21st September) in 2014 and later won a Sanaa Theatre Award for Best Dance Theatre Production in 2015.
Only seven professional dancers originally performed it in a period of 2 hours. Since then Souls has been rewritten to include music pieces and narration for the enhancement of the experience. It has also been redesigned for a cast of 36. This production that is both moving and engaging is written in abstract form with no name or nation, making it relevant to any community, culture, age and period.The musical production is a metaphorical production depicting the plight of a community in civil war. The dance, music and narration numbers takes us through their journey from peace, into unrest, into the ups and downs of attempting to rebuild a broken people and finally the challenge of maintaining their newly found peaceful life.

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