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AfricaHackOn 2016: Convergence in Security

AfricaHackOn 2016: Convergence in Security
Thu 28 Jul 2016
  • Runs till: Friday, 29th July 2016
  • Time: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
  • Location: Michael Joseph Center ,Safaricom House Nairobi, Kenya

This year's conference seeks to merge our 1st and 2nd conference themes. We began by popularizing the need to have a different approach towards cyber security which included doing away with “talk only” seminars. We realized early enough that people tend to remember that which they see as opposed to that which is told.  Our 2nd conference was a call to action from the community, mainly developers, to incorporate security in their development life cycle so as to gain an edge in the market and win the customer's confidence.

This time, we are bringing our corporate players into the party to showcase why they should consider local talent which we have successfully bred since 2013. We firmly believe these are the heirs to the top level management positions. Having grown through the ranks and earned their stripes, we shall have a crop of very proficient leaders who will chime in on the agenda confidently and with great articulation.

We are also providing a platform for our inductees to show case their skill and talent to the public.

This is inherently entrenched in our core value of allowing our own to stand on the shoulders of giants. This is also our accountability matrix whereby whatever we do has to be measurable. Most importantly we have different mind bending presentations and demonstrations which leave attendees yearning for more. We are also accessible; anyone can join AfricaHackOn. No fees, no arduous paperwork; our currency is passion for the trade. This has attracted the right kind of mindsets to further our vision of being the ultimate supplier of raw talent and skill in Kenya and beyond.

Who should participate?

Public Sector: Government officials, Oil and Gas, Power and Utilities, Infrastructure, Policy makers, Regulation, Law enforcement, Forensics, Education.

Private Sector: Finance, Telecommunications, Health care, Commerce companies, audit firms, Education institutes, Insurance companies, Manufacturing.

PLEASE NOTE:  Students MUST carry their student ID cards and ticket '

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