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Get the Most out of Your Tembea Kenya Goals This Year - Part II


January just ended and the year is off to a good start. How far are you with those resolutions? Is January just a free trial month and your actual efforts won’t be exerted till February? Either way, here’s more fuel for your travel planning. We’re back with part 2 of tips on Tembea Kenya travel planning.

  • Make your travel planning easier, all thanks to the internet

Look out for group travel offers such as Ticketsasa’s Jaza Gari which enables you to save up to 60% on transport. Consider booking your flights 50 days in advance for maximum discounts. If traveling to the coast, you can book the Madaraka Express from the comfort of your phone by dialing *639#. You can also log on to the Kenya Railways website to book. 

  • Don’t forget about the children

When holidaying with the kids, consider choosing hotels that have specialized children’s programs. We highly recommend Pride Inn Paradise in Mombasa, Voyager Beach Resort & Spa in Mombasa, Baobab Beach Resort & Spa in Diani, Turtle Bay Beach Club in Watamu and Southern Palms Beach Resort & Spa in Diani. 

Not only will your children develop social, physical and cognitive skills as they play, but you will also have a chance to put your feet up and soak up some sun. Here’s an example of Baobab’s vibrant kids’ program. 

Make a point of checking whether the hotel you’ll be visiting has a menu flexible enough to accommodate your children’s tastes. We all know what picky eaters children can be. To ensure that the holiday isn’t completely ruined, ask if the chef is open to adjusting the kid’s menu.

  • Festivals are your friend

Kenya is rich with festival goodness such as the Lamu Cultural Festival in November, the Lake Turkana Festival in May, the Maralal Camel Derby in August, and the Mombasa Carnival in November. Expect an avalanche of culture, a reasonably priced variety of local cuisine, intriguing activities, music, dance, dhow races, henna painting and so much more. Cultural festivals are just the tip of the iceberg. We also have sporting events like Rhino Charge and month-long music festivals such as the Diani Beach Festival. Look into when these are happening and plan your holiday around them. 

  • Explore your room options

While living like royalty may be your penchant, please remember that an upgrade from a standard room will cost significantly more. We recommend that you hold this off unless you have a special occasion to celebrate such as an anniversary, or a birthday, or unless you’ll need more space to add an extra bed to accommodate the children. We often get requests for ocean facing rooms. Although these may seem desirable, they are more expensive than their garden facing counterparts and tend to not make sense since you will rarely spend a large chunk of time in your room. Upgrades are appealing but not essential.

However, if the hotel’s occupancy is low, you can always request for an upgrade at no extra cost, and if the management is willing and able, they’ll bump you up. Remember to request for this while making your booking with us.

  • Activities

Planning for activities in advance seems like a great idea but in most instances, your hotel is the only connection you might have to snorkeling, cultural visits, scuba diving, jet skiing, kitesurfing, glass bottom boat tours, and other activities. The hotel is not likely to bargain with service providers and will give you a standard cost. For the best deals, plan your activities when you check in. On-site, beach boys and locals will be happy to offer a discount. From experience, we can say such activities as the Kisite Mpunguni/ Wasini tour, as well as cultural visits to Maasai Manyattas, are much cheaper on the ground than the deals hotel brochures offer.

  • Save your money 

After all is said and done, even with all the tips in the world, you’ll still need to pay up for that much-needed trip to your dream destination. Make a conscious decision to Tembea Kenya and save up some money for this. Cut down on unnecessary expenses and impulsive spending and set that money aside for  travel. Rookie Manager’s #52WeekChallenge is a great place to start if you need to get your savings right for your travel goals.

There you have it. Your Tembea Kenya cheat sheet. This mwakenya will definitely give you the upper hand while planning. Even better is that we are here to help you make all this a reality! Talk to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on +254705804226/+254739077204/+254790494639


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