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Get the Most out of Your Tembea Kenya Goals This Year


We all made those pesky new year’s resolutions, didn’t we? You can barely get a vacant treadmill in the gym, your kindle has finally seen the light of day after 10 months, and you’ve actively started looking for courses online. Top on your list must be the always elusive travel. You want to travel more but logistics constantly seem to rain on your parade. If you’ve decided that this is the year that you’ll tembea Kenya a little more, then we’re here to help. Here’s a list of travel hacks that will have you packed and ready for your next adventure.

  • Know when to opt for a rental instead of a hotel

Rental homes are more suitable for big groups such as families. They are relatively cheaper (when you factor in cost per head) and provide easier interaction amongst the travel group. Just keep in mind that you will need to hire a chef and cleaning service at a small fee. It doesn’t count as a holiday if you’re hunched over the sink after every meal.

  • Keep the seasons in mind

Peak seasons such as Christmas holidays tend to be more expensive. If you must travel during this period, then it is important to plan ahead of time, Also keep in mind that some experiences are heightened during certain times of the year. You can only see the wildebeest migration in Kenya from July - October and it would be best to avoid going down to the Kenyan coast in May because of the rains. Do some research in order to make the best of your travel experience.

  • Make it an all-inclusive affair

All inclusive packages are a steal! Not only do you get all the meals in the package, but you also get snacks and bitings, as well as a wide variety of alcoholic/ non alcoholic drinks. Note that this depends on what the hotel has to offer so always ask beforehand on what’s included.

  • Book your flight in good time.

Book your flight 50 days in advance (50 days has been researched as the best median time) and avoid traveling over the weekends as much as possible. Booking early and getting weekday flights more often than not guarantees cheaper rates. 

  • Keep an eye out for local Jaza Gari packages

Ground packages can be extremely expensive because you have to pay for the safari vehicle as well as paying the tour guide. This is not cost effective if you have a small travel party of say 2 people. Jaza Gari is a great offer because it aggregates more travelers for ground packages thus sharing the cost amongst up to 8 people. Sounds like a plan doesn’t it? Be on the lookout for such packages and save a pretty penny.

  • Set up a savings account or pay in installments

Save a small amount every week and put it in a fixed savings account. You can also choose to pay for your holiday in piecemeal. With up to 6 installments available (per package) on Ticketsasa’s Jazajaza payment plan, we can be your very own travel jar.

  • Live to eat but eerrr...reasonably

Make it your mission to venture out and be more adventurous. Eat some street food in Lamu, go for half board and treat yourself to a seafood a la carte for lunch, check on TripAdvisor for great local hotels in the area and don’t knock that mursik until you try it. Whatever you decide to do with your food on holiday this year, make sure it is out of your comfort zone because your palate needs a vacation too. 

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