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Lunch In Diani Need Not Be Lived Once!


So precious a time is holidays that one can carry like sands “of time” from the ocean of endless blue under the azure African skies! To enhance the experience, you don’t need to get stuck with all the three meals of the day in your beach resort, which can get rather dull and make you see grey clouds. 


Feel like your resort’s food is getting too routine? Then lunchtime is the date to mix-and-gather with your destination’s locals and have a feel of their cuisine. Get spoilt for choice. 

Munch! Munch! Listen to some Taarab music in the background and converse with the local Rajabu; 

Is it the Swahili biriani you are looking for, pilau or pasting the tried-and-true ugali with nyama, nyama choma and shout “ASANTE”, or it’s the sushi, sashimi or miso soup and shout “ARIGATO”! 

While enjoying the sand-and-sea in Diani, please carry your appetite along and “discover” some of these sparkling restaurants for a Swahili-Arabo-Persian-local & Italian…plus…plus lunch experience. 

  • Sails Beach Bar & Restaurant 
  • Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant 
  • Colobus Shade 
  • Nomad Beach Bar & Restaurant 
  • Swahili Pot 
  • Sundowner Bar & Restaurant 
  • Coast Dishes 
  • Asha Bistro 
  • Tiki bar 
  • Kokko Café Bistro 

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