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The New Way to Travel Through Ticketsasa


Travel is therapy! However, some people shy away from the traveling due to different reasons which vary with every individual. For some it is because of cost, others time, and most ignorance. 

The most expensive of the reasons is ignorance, the lack of knowledge about travel. Gone are the days when travel was a costly hobby. Nowadays, we have holiday payment plans and great discounts for different packages which accommodate everyone including budget travelers.

Now, onto the juicy part, why should be your travel go-to page? Ticketsasa has since included holiday packages and flights as part of its products, offering solutions to discerning travelers, both from within & out of Kenya through Ticketsasa Travel. The platform provides you a wide variety of destinations, from popular cities in Africa and around the world all on one platform.

Affordable travel

Travel is usually associated with leisure, and leisure does not come cheap. Here at Ticketsasa, we strive to give you an experience of “sun-and-sand” at the beach, or the roar of some of the big cats in the bush. Booking and paying for your holiday has never been this easy! Ticketsasa’s flagship instalments program, dubbed “Jazajaza” enables travelers to vacation in destinations they have always dreamed of without breaking the bank. Through Jazajaza, a customer can enjoy the convenience of paying for their holiday through a personal curated payment plan set to fit your financial preference and schedule. We have noted down a detailed guide of how the Jazajaza payment plan guide works here.

We have listed affordable holidays and vacation deals from over 80 Hotels in Kenya and all the airlines, leaving you spoilt of choice. If you're ready to travel hassle-free and to experience travel first-hand, write to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call on +254705-804-226.

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