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Pack your bags, new JazaJaza Holiday campaign boosts travel! #Tembeakenya



If you've been bitten by the travel bug, then you're going to love the JazaJaza Holiday initiative.

Made to cater to those with an insatiable need to travel and a strong sense of adventure, this initiative allows you to ease into holiday payments and provides some of the best deals in town.

Despite only being up and running for three weeks, the campaign seems to have gotten quite some traction online. The promotions run exclusively on (a popular Kenyan booking portal for people looking to land hot ticket deals) and is open to both residents and non-residents of Kenya – two good reasons why this idea is bound to be a huge success.

The concept behind the campaign is simple: to provide travelers with prepay options for holiday packages in up to three installments. The payment plan, combined with reduced prices allows for hotels to maintain a reasonable occupancy rate whilst encouraging Kenyans to explore the hidden gems around this country – a win-win from where I stand!

Those who book a JazaJaza holiday package within the next three months get to walk away with two complimentary tickets to any event of their choice from

The team hopes to gradually widen their offer to include flight packages to different destinations including Zanzibar, Uganda and, eventually, other parts of Africa.

When asked, Agosta Liko, CEO of Ticket Sasa, says that he’d like see this initiative increase local tourism, boost business for hotels currently in slumps and provide tourists with incredible experiences. He’s also keen to see the holiday planning process “(taken) from the man and into the woman’s hand” – a decision that he believes will lead to less stressful/expensive last-minute travel decisions.

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