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3 Activities That Prove That The Mara Is a Haven for Thrill Seekers


Nothing like the great outdoors to remind you just how delicate and beautiful our ecosystem is. Sure jumping off cliffs and gliding over oceans with your jet ski can be the ultimate adrenaline kick but what would a close encounter of the “big five” kind do to you? Whether you are 12,500 ft above sea level, toasting at a champagne breakfast by the Mara River, or cruising the game trail in your safari van, we know for sure that Masai Mara is the cure for your wanderlust bug. 

Balloon Safaris
Imagine floating above a herd of lions amidst an intriguing hunt or watching an elephant protect its young from the hum of the hot air balloon. At 7,000 feet, you definitely have a front row seat to all the grassland action. We’re not saying that magic happens in the skies but many a traveler with a fear of heights has found themselves floating their apprehension away.
Just a heads up for you in case you’re not a morning person, you have to be up by 4 am to give you enough time to travel from your lodge to the take-off location. Launch times are between 6:00-6:30 am just before dawn. From these experiences, and ours as well, it feels like you’re riding right into the sunrise as you survey the animal kingdom beneath you. The fun’s not over when you land as most rides offer an outdoor champagne breakfast by the Mara River once you descend.
Not convinced? Well here’s one tidbit for you. The skies are a prime location to witness the great annual wildebeest migration. While hordes of safari vans and land cruisers attempt to get in on the action at ground level, glide over them and witness this world wonder from your comfortable aerial niche.
Game Drives 
Game viewing should take place in the wild, just like nature intended, not behind bars or enclosures or on NatGeo Wild. Game drives ought to bring you 20 meters or less in proximity to our primal relatives and, thankfully, the open grassland in the Mara makes it exponentially easier to spot the wildlife. 
Remember to keep your distance since loud noises are wildlife repellants especially during a tense hunt. Try to also take in every moment and catch the action from a considerable distance. Don't be those tourists who drive all the way up to the predators only for you to spoil it all for the rest of the safari vans. As you cruise at 40km/ hour past the elephants, buffalos, lions, leopards, and rhinos, remember that what you’re looking at is a rare phenomenon experienced in only certain corners of the earth. So make sure you set aside some time to collect yourself and take it all in. We recommend early morning and late evening game drives to give you better chances of catching the nocturnal predators. 
Cultural Visits
It is our firm belief that cultural exchanges are the most essential aspect of our existence and who better to learn from than the Maasai people who reside in the Mara. An encounter with the Maasai is an enchanting affair. They are graceful, warm and happy to welcome you, a complete stranger, into their homes. The most remarkable thing is their culture has stood the test of time. They remain virtually unchanged over the course of modernization. Walking into their villages ~ Manyattas ~ feels surreal, almost like a trip back in time. The Maasai are also fierce warriors and are bound to leave you speechless with tales of valor while astonishing you with their distinct red garb. What would an encounter with the Maasai be without learning about their bovine companions and partaking of everything beef (including their blood). Make sure you take at least one of their handcrafted ornaments with you as a souvenir.
Ready to take the next step? We’ve got several packages to get you started on your Mara adventure. Please don’t hesitate to call us on 254705804226 or drop us a line on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We’ll be happy to guide you through all the options available in addition to giving you extra pointers on how to make the best of your experience. Pack your bags and see you on the other side.

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