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5 Things You Need to Know about The Barclays Kenya Open 2018


We are now counting hours to the biggest golfing event on the calendar. If you are a tad confused about what the hashtag #BKO2018 is all about, perhaps you should start here.

  1. The Barclays Kenya Open tournament was founded in 1967 and is celebrating its 50th year. It has been held at Muthaiga Golf Club every year except 1968, 2004–08, and 2013–16, when the tournament was held at Karen Country Club.

  2. The prize money has more than doubled from Euros 220,000 to Euros 500,000 (Sh62.5million) making it the richest sporting event in Kenya and the most lucrative event on the European Challenge Tour 2018 circuit.
  3. This year's tournament will see 156 golfers (including about 22 Kenyan professionals, six Kenyan amateurs, and over 100 European Challenge Tour players) battle it out for the 62.5M prize money. The overall winner will take home 10M.
  4. The tournament has produced big names such as Dismas Indiza and Jacob Okollo who've performed well in the European Challenge Tour.
  5. The 'winner's jacket', which is a prestigious blazer that's awarded to winners of certain tournaments, will be designed by local designers and handed over in the style of the famous Master’s Green Jacket at Augusta.

#BKO2018 is an event which attracts professional and amateur golfers and gives golfing enthusiasts an opportunity to catch some world-class golf action against a backdrop of amazing food and entertainment. The tournament starts on Thursday, March 22nd and runs all the way till Sunday, March 25th. Bring your little ones too; They get in free. You now know what to do. Get your #BKO2018 season ticket and let's see you there!

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