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Are You Ready for the Kenya Kite Festival 2018?


The Kenya Kite festival is back and will be happening this Sunday at the Nairobi Polo club from 11am to 6pm. The picnic style event, which is East & Central Africa’s premier kiting event organized by Urban Live Events, brings together kite fliers, kite makers and kite enthusiasts from around the world.

In case you were wondering, kites originated from China, which is one of the greatest kiting destinations. Weirdly enough, kite flying was banned in China during the Cultural Revolution, anyone found flying a kite was sent to jail for up to three years and their kites destroyed. Yikes! However, ancient Chinese sources describe kites being used for measuring distances, testing the wind, lifting men, and sending signals. Kites were also instrumental in the research of the Wright brothers as they developed the first airplane. Lot’s of awesomeness there if you ask us. There is something ethereal about holding a kite line that connects you to the kite, the kite touching the sky, creating a beautiful pattern against the blue background. Walk into an amazing kite cloud and let your inner child come alive at the 6th edition of the Kenya Kite festival. We're pretty excited about the highlight of the day as our skies go colorful with an amazing 20-30 feet show kite displays from professional kites. You'll also get a chance to participate in the annual kite building workshop that's open to the public. Both kids and adults are taught how to build their own kites easily from readily available household items. Looking for a fun-filled Sunday plan? You now know what to do. Get those tickets and let's see you there!

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