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Two Hours Of Sunset- Get Some Money Outdoor Premier


Lights, camera, action! A Kenyan film screening akin to no other is coming right to your doorstep. Two Hours of Sunset is well known not only for promoting homegrown talent but also for successfully executing the outdoor movie setting.

Having featured previous masterpieces like pan-African film Brother Jekwu, the riveting Veve and the hilarious Fundi-Mentals, this edition of Two Hours of Sunset featuring Get Some Money is something you can’t afford to miss. 

Get Some Money is the facetious yet rib-cracking parable of Jesus’ betrayal as envisioned by L. Biko Nyongesa. Judas Iscarioti Mikwanja (Collins Ochie'ng) belongs to a discipleship led by Ticha (Stitchy Stitch) in the village of Ghetto Semane. The discipleship collects funds from each member and stores these funds in a central pool. The treasurer happens to be Judas himself. Faced with the prospect of marriage, Judas embezzles large sums from this pool in order to impress a certain peng ting called Magda (Naomi Mburu) from a rival Galilayan tribe. 

This would have been an endearing tale of love and triumph if Magda was even half interested in Judas but she couldn’t be bothered with any of his efforts. The film eventually morphs into a melting pot of deceit, betrayal and desperation as Judas and Petero (L. Biko Nyongesa) collude to implicate Ticha and to earn Magda’s favor.

The whole film is written and spoken in sheng thus making this is a rather relatable and entertaining experience. Mehul Savani from Nairobi Half Life and L. Biko Nyongesa from Sense 8 are but a few of the names that contribute to the star – studded cast.

Still not convinced? You can watch the bold and audacious trailer here.

Ready to go? Then we’ve got a ticket with your name on it. For only Ksh.1,500, you can walk the red carpet with the cast and crew from Crow Media Africa / Legit Films, curl up beneath your Maasai blanket and enjoy a movie made by Kenyans, for Kenyans under the African stars. We can’t think of a better way to spend our Saturday night.  

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