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Tyranny of Benga: Chris Adwar Vs Dan 'Chizi' Aceda


On the night of 31st May, 2016 two of Kenya’s Benga giants,  Chris Adwar and Dan Aceda, came head to head in an epic battle.



The venue was Alliance Francaise and the mood was electric. The battle was bravely fought, with both sides putting their best foot forward. Words were exchanged, songs were sang, guitars were strummed, all in a bid to determine the best Benga star. 

There was blood sweat and tears as the stars aligned, with fans screaming out for their man!


 But when the clock struck midnight, there was only one clear winner - the audience who were treated to the finest LIVE act Nairobi has served in a long time. 


For more images of the amazing night, visit our Facebook page. To catch the next installment of Kenya’s Live act, keep it Ticketsasa.

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