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Tis The Season Turns 10!


Camera! Lights! Action! What do you love most about Christmas?

It could be opening your gifts, gifting others, the trip to Mombasa, not having to go to work, the celebrations, the list is endless. Out of all this, none beats the joy and fulfillment you get when spending time with your loved ones listening to Christmas Carols the whole evening.   

One constant occurrence in all the years we have celebrated Christmas, has been the singing of carols, the carols that tell the story of the nativity and the birth of Jesus Christ.  

Tis The Season is celebrating its 10th year anniversary celebrating the joy and love of the Christmas season with you. The joy of Tis the season is not just about singing the carols, it's how they make the experience Kenyan and EXTRA!   

From the moment Atemi goes onto that stage, to the minute Eric Wainana starts his dance moves, just before Manasseh gives us his Kamba vibes, you experience the warmth, the joy and all the love a Kenyan Christmas can offer. This years’ festival is going to be different, because why have the best Christmas performance in town for one day yet you can have it for three days? Amazing, right?   

Three days of pure magic being created at the usual base, Junction Mall rooftop. They will have music, food, games and entertainment for both the young and old alike. Aim of this year is not to just hear sweet melodious carols, but to have the full force of the Kenyan Christmas coming down to you and your loved ones.

O Holy night! The stars are brightly shining, it is the night of our dear Savior's birth! 

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