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Hakuna Matata-Mad fun in the Mud


Hakuna Matata Festival’s debut was on New Year’s Eve in 2013 and I can recall distinctly how it was the place everyone wanted to be. Sure the festival had predecessors like 6 am entertainment and what have you, but I have to give credit where it is due by admitting that the Hakuna Matata Festival had, and still has quite the following. Why you may ask? Perhaps it’s the reasonable price, the genre of music and definitely the strategic out of town set up or maybe, just maybe it’s that pizzazz, jazz and razmataz…that little extra something that I can’t quite put my finger on!

For years now festivals like Tomorrow land, Glastonbury and Coachella have been on my rather extensive bucket list. I think the idea of a carefree movement, and a group of people savoring decibels in unison is precisely why this sort of festivals will always work and that could be precisely why the Hakuna Matata festival has attracted such a following. Besides, imagine all the good vibes alcohol laden enthusiastic youth can create.

The drive there was a little sketchy. Proper sticks I tell ya! As much as we had navigation systems in place, I couldn't shake off that feeling Adriana La Cerva had when Tony Soprano ordered a hit on her in the woods. I began to think back on what misgivings I had with my workmate; would he really want me taken out because of that email I snubbed that got him in trouble? Thankfully, none of what I thought would transpire did.

Parking was a tricky and close to impossible affair. The allocated lot could only be approached by a 4x4. Even so, this area was left barren after a several attempts to push people out of the mud. The entire road became a parking lot so traffic was obviously a nightmare. Thankfully the fans braved this and came out in large numbers.

The rain almost guaranteed to put a damper on things but nothing could keep these dedicated party goers down! People sunk in their mud, lost their shoes, made make-shift boots with paper bags ,tried their hand at box sledding or landed face first in the muck. I was extremely proud of the turn out and the level of improvisation. An apt entrepreneur would have raided Bata, cleared the gum boot stock and made a kill at the gate! Sadly no one had the initiative.

The music was excellent, as usual. A little something for everyone. The strobe lights, liquor, the theatrical smoke, the barbeque, the pumped crowd and the more than adequate sound system made standing in the downpour and wading in the trenches totally worth it.

All in all, the evening was great despite the rain. What can I say but wait for the next one and see if the location will be as interesting as this one. Hopefully the elements will be merciful next time!

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