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The Unspoken Things Customers Want At Your Event


Putting up a successful event is not a walk in the park. We have tried our hand at it and can confidently say that it’s not a task for the faint-hearted.  Since we are in the business of making your event management process smoother, here are some of the unspoken things that your customers want at your event, but no one will tell you about. 

Customers want value for money. Event organizers list different ticket types that don’t clearly show what the customer is getting, for paying the specified amount. If you have VIP and VVIP ticket packages, ensure you expound what each ticket price includes and more importantly, deliver on this premium offering. You would rather underpromise and wow your clients, than overpromise and deliver a below par experience.

Share the schedule of the speakers/ performing artistes. Whereas this is not common practise for most Kenyan events, majority of the people we spoke to emphasize the need for event organizers to share the event programme. It does not have to be detailed but it should give a guideline. The question we hear every so often is when does act X get on stage? This not only helps people plan accordingly but it also helps you streamline your event’s activities. 

Stick to the event timings. If you state that gates open at 1500hrs, ensure that by 1450hrs, you're ready for your guests to start coming in. In addition to that, ensure that you don't keep the guests waiting for ages. The culture of having the main act get on stage at 0300hrs is also a huge no-no. Stick to your event timings and you’ll have happy customers.

Include a variety of refreshments. Your customers want fairly-priced meals and drinks, so bear that in mind when sourcing for vendors. Moreover, in as much as you cannot please everyone, try and accommodate the different tastes as far as drinks are concerned. Ensure that the food vendors are certified and that they prepare good and well-cooked meals for your guests.

Have enough washrooms. This is one element that's usually overlooked in the event planning process. There’s nothing cute about having to queue behind 50 people in the middle of the night when you should be having the time of your life. Ensure you have enough washrooms and that they are regularly cleaned throughout the period that your event is running. We also highly suggest that the washrooms have tissue at all times. It's something really small but makes a lot of difference.

Well trained security personnel. There is need to have highly trained security personnel at all events. Ensure that you have briefed them on what's expected of them and how to handle your guests. They should also able to assist your guests in case of a problem and do so courteously. 

Have sufficient seating and appropriate entertainment. Each event calls for different forms of entertainment so ensure that you choose appropriately. If it is a family event, consider having kiddie zones and interactive spaces where both parents/guardians and children can relax and enjoy themselves. The music played at such events should also be suitable so make sure you brief the DJ beforehand.

Anything we've left out? Feel free to share in the comments section below.

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