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Celebrating World Baking Day The Cake Festival Way


If you have no clue whatsoever, Friday was World Baking Day and it was nothing short of a beautiful day at PCEA Enchoro Emuny where we got to celebrate with the lovely kids and the Cake Festival team.

World Baking Day is a day that celebrates the joy of baking. It’s a day that appreciates how much fun and how satisfying baking can be - whether you are making some good chocolatey brownies, or a raspberry and lemon cake, or preparing some chewy cookies, or even some blueberry muffins, the process of baking is actually quite fun. 
It is also a great activity for kids and guardians can keep them engaged while still getting to spend quality time together.
All participating kids at the school got a chance to put together beautiful edible pieces.
Some cake to welcome the guests. We must add that we made several trips to this station. 
The piece the students were to recreate
One of the things that most students were keen to share was that although it was not easy, it was an enjoyable activity.
Because we don't want to leave you out, we also have an enjoyable activity for you! The Cake Festival 2019 edition is happening on Saturday 29th June at the Carnivore Grounds and we've got early bird tickets running for a limited time. Get your early bird tickets here.

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