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Let's Improv, Because You Said So!

Every now and then, I get off the desk that works behind the scenes, and I take the front seat and literally sit back and enjoy the show. This past weekend was one of those kinds of weekends. One of the questions we’ve had to answer every so often is, what exactly is Because You Said So (BYSS)? 
BYSS is Africa’s premiere improv comedy show which, as a matter of fact, just concluded it’s 29th edition. This show, unlike other comedy shows, is unscripted and as raw as it gets. The cast doesn’t have the advantage of having their jokes written out beforehand and this gives a whole new meaning to 'thinking on your feet'. The cast comprises of Jason Runo, Patricia Kihoro, June Gachui, Yafesi Musoke, Mugambi Nthiga, Justin Karunguru, and Kevin K1 Maina.
The show has various segments. Founder and host Jason Runo paints a scenario and the crew has to find funny ways to act this scenario out.
The cast not only have to think on their feet, but also be ridiculously funny as they come up with their quips. At times, some of them miss the mark and the audience can decide whether or not to send a cast member to the naughty chair.
The lip sync battle is a favorite among most attendees and the only way we'll let you in on what that segment's like is if you come for the next show in June. ☺
BYSS also holds an edition in the wild where attendees get an all-inclusive package; Transport out of town, accommodation, meals, game drives, the comedy night show... the full shebang. If you'd like us to keep you posted on the details, let us know in the comments section below. 

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