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5 Useful Tips on How To Increase Your Event Ticket Sales

So you have confirmed your venue and the acts/ speakers depending on the nature of the event, and you have everything in place. More importantly, you know who your target audience is and how to reach them. Your event sales are equally important and you need to plan on how you'll sell out as this is more often than not, the desired outcome.
Event ticket sales should never be an afterthought in the planning process and it is always good to work backward from the numbers expected at the event. Most event planners know that at times events take a life of their own, but with these 5 tips, you have better chances at boosting your event sales. 
Start early. The sooner you have your plans ready, the better. This gives you enough time to list the event on the platform of choice and also start marketing early. One of the trends when it comes to ticket purchases in Kenya is that there’s a spike as the event date nears. One way of working around this is by incentivising early ticket purchases by giving an early bird discount. This guarantees you sales from the early birds and also gives you ample time to market your event. 
Set the right price. Although we cannot have a one-size-fits-all approach, it is always good to thoroughly think through your pricing before sharing it with all and sundry. Too high a price and the sales might suffer. There are many factors to consider, but the two most important baselines are always i) the costs of hosting the event and ii) venue capacity. 
Choose the right ticketing partner. A good ticketing partner can help increase your ticket sales. When choosing a ticket partner, always have the end user who is your consumer/ target audience in mind. How easy is the ticket purchase process on this platform? What payment methods are supported? In what ways does the ticketing company push for sales? Does the ticketing partner offer customer support should there be a problem? You'll be focussed on other tasks and will need a partner that will alleviate some of these stress points in the event management process. 
Demystify your event. Some event organizers come up with amazing concepts, create catchy event posters and leave it at that. Whereas there’s a crowd that will always understand what your event is about, there are those who’ll need a little convincing. Create educational content that makes it a lot clearer and keep sharing this on your social media platforms. Video dominates social media and Youtube can be instrumental in demystifying your event. 
Market your event. You not only have to know who your target audience is, but you also have to know where to find them. In this digital world, we can tell you for free that social media is your friend. Digital marketing is a relatively low-cost marketing channel that can help you put word out and ramp up your event sales. Involve your event acts/ speakers and urge them to share event information on their platforms. If your marketing budget allows, you can include posters, print ads, tv and radio ads, etcetera. Always think of creative but cost-effective marketing ideas, especially if you are running a relatively small event and you don't have the luxury of a huge marketing budget.
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